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The Value of Condo Composting

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

People ask me “Why would I want one of these things when I can throw my food scraps out for free”?  From an economic standpoint, maybe you would not want one as waste removal is covered in your taxes “for homeowners only”.  However for condo dwellers, if everyone in your condo had one of these (or one central unit), your kitchen garbage would not stink, you would reduce the number of solid waste pickups (reducing your condo fees) and you could sleep at night knowing that you are making the most sustatinable choice in disposing of the waste you created.  People are starting to understand the value in buying locally grown food to reduce the cost and carbon emissions associated with transportation – so why would you then ship the food scraps 300km away? 

Here is an example,

City Farm Boy grows veggies on the roof of my Yaletown condo.  I can buy carrots from him, cut the tops off, eat the carrot, compost the tops on my balcony in the automatic, in-vessel composter, and then bring the compost back up to the roof to put in the garden – the food and waste never leaves my building!!!  Now that is sustainable agriculture.

Here is a recent shot of the inside of the composter – dark rich compost and only $2.04 in energy costs for a month and a half!

Inside of Composter at 1.5 months


One Month Review

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Anyone curious what 2 years worth of food scraps from 2 people amounts to after composting – check out the picture.  This is from our worm bin that we just retired – we did not empty it for 2 years.  I would expect the new auto-composter do an equal or better job of reducing the volume and mass of scraps.

So after one month we have added a total of 9 kg of food waste (this is surprisingly low – however my wife was gone for week so there was not so much cooking going on then).  The composter has used a total of 22 kWh = $1.32 worth of energy in a month.  So this thing is not exactly going to make us go broke with energy bills.  It is working well and we are throwing everything organic we can think of into it – with the exception of those pesky corn  husks (I can still see them in there although they are almost eaten up).

2 Years of Worm Compost