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Okay, so far this has been a product testing blog about a condo sized, on-site, in-vessel,  composter.  But the potential for real impact, which includes saving money, saving fuel  and getting trucks off the road, is in composting on-site for commercial businesses – hotels, grocery stores, ski-hills, golf courses, restaurants, etc.

Commercial Composter - Restaurant Sized

Did you know some grocery stores have their organic waste picked up 3 times a day in the summer just due to the smell, not due to lack of space?  FYI it is not cheap to have a 1 ton truck come to your downtown grocery store 3 times a day.  On-site composters remove the water in food scraps (about 70%) and further break-down the  remaining material to 5% of its original weight while neutralizing the smell (via the oxygenated composting process and a filter), and the end product is high-quality, nutrient-rich compost that can be used for agriculture.  This on-site method vastly reduces the number of truck trips, fuel and costs.

Grocery Store Sized

In addition, businesses pay not only for the waste pick-up and transportation costs (which includes a truck, driver and gas) but also a tipping fee (the fee to dump at a composting facility or landfill based on weight),  and 70% of the weight in food scraps is water!  You are trucking and paying to dispose of water that you can get rid of on-site.  Why not get rid of the water first, turning it into water vapor, and turn the organics into compost, then call a truck to come pick up the compost to take back to a farmer instead of the landfill.  These units do everything for you – they turn the food srcaps, mix in the oxygen, keep the mixture warm, mitigate the smell, and spit-out the high-value compost (which actually can be sold to farmers).  All you have to do is dump the food scraps in and close the lid.  No other composting solution besides aerobic composting on-site is going to both mitigate the smell of rotting food waste, get trucks off the road and save the business money.  On-site composting seems like a no-brainer to me.

Compost boy