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3 months of food scraps

So I terminated the composting test after 86 days of adding food waste to the residential sized, in-vessel composting unit. The total mass of food waste that went into the unit over the 86 day period was 30 kg and the total mass removed was 9.2 kg for a mass reduction of 70%. That is a significant amount of organic material diverted from the landfill and certainly will result in reduced waste transportation costs and related carbon emissions for businesses. In this case, I will just go up to the roof in my condo where City Farm Boy is growing veggies and I will add it to his compost pile – 100% organic waste diversion. Also, the unit used a total of $4.76 in electricity over the 86 day period – pretty economical. The manufacturer states a 90% to 95% mass reduction – unfortunately I did not achieve that level. I think the larger, commercial sized units do a better job of breaking down the food waste – I suppose a commercial test demo will have to be done to verify.
Condo composter

Condo Composter