Mixing blade breakage

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Note: On request from the manufacturer, I have changed the original title of this post to more accurately reflect the nature of the failure of the composting unit I experienced – a mixing blade broke, but the unit made compost right up to that point. The manufacturer also suggested that too many avocado pits may have caused the blade to break – so it is my negligence that caused it to break. I was also asked to mention that the unit was promptly replaced (as I noted originally in the post) and the new unit is working well and making compost, and that I was generously given the unit for free for product testing purposes – if I did not make that clear enough in the first post (see Let the Testing Begin). I also removed any colourful, subjective adjectives like “concrete”. I also stress that this is a standard consumer product review of my experience and that other consumer’s experiences, of course, may differ. Please be sure to review the comments section after this post to read the response from the director of the company.

Original Post:
Well, unfortunately the condo-sized composter broke itself after 4 months. I opened the lid one day to find a warning light flashing and one of the mixing arms sheared off – which is no small feat considering it is a 10 mm diameter stainless steel rod.


Sheared-off Mixing Blade

After investigation I found that the compost at the bottom of the unit was hard and I had to chip it apart with a screwdriver to empty the unit. I am guessing that if you do not put anything in the composter for a week or so, and the unit goes into energy save mode, the combination of moisture and heat may compact the compost. The unit was replaced by the manufacturer but I think some design changes are required – like maybe the blades should turn at least once every hour to mix the compost, so it does not harden.

  1. brian leung says:

    Hi Chad,

    This is Brian Leung. The Director of GreenGood. Remember you applied for a job here with us and that you were totally passionate with our technology?

    Why are you now putting on these comments, which do not reflect the complete truth? What do meant by composting failure? Are you saying the composting machine isn’t composting. Or, is it because I didn’t offer you a job here at GreenGood which you wanted to be paid $9000/month?

    I think it is fine that you mentioned the blade of the machine broke after 4 months but you should also mention (which you didn’t) that we quickly replaced it with a complete new machine to you for free. And, thats was before Christmas 2010.

    You should also mention the machine in the first place was giving to you in the first place for free in the summer of 2010!

    You talked about the compost harden in the machine to a point that it was liked concrete but, you then failed to mention you didn’t put in any food waste there for days if not weeks. Compost, w/o moisture contents from food waste while sitting on a heated surface, will harden up no doubt. That’s common sense.

    You also mentioned that the machine provides only 70% mass reduction not the 90% mentioned in our website. However, I am surprised that you failed to mention you were putting 2 to 3 avocado pits into the machine everyday during that 89 days period. That’s >200 pits in total 30 kg of food waste. I am not an engineer or MBA but common sense tells me an avocado pit is mostly solid content. It would be unreasonable if not downright retarded to expect 90% mass reduction there when the mass reduction of our composting process is about evaporation of moisture content. I think most people would agree avocado pit or any kind of stone fruit pit contains little moisture content. In your failing to mention this point is outright misrepresentation to a point that it warrented legal action.

    • Geoff Taylor says:

      Well Brian…

      you raise some interesting points.

      1) Chad is not employed by GreenGood
      2) you are not an engineer (based on your own admission)
      3) you are not an MBA (based on your own admission)
      4) 3 avocados pits/day is more than 200 avocado pits over the 89-day trial period.

      other than that your comments come across as petulant, aggravated, and most importantly unprofessional. Your comments do more to damage your product’s (and GreenGood’s) reputation than Chad’s blog does. To denigrate someone else’s level of education in the manner in which you did is in the first place poor practice [sic] in the first place. Perhaps you would benefit from some higher education; it’s widely accepted that higher education generally exposes people to different viewpoints, causing terms such as ‘retarded’ to begin to evaporate from civilized discourse, much the way moisture evaporates in your composting machine. Just a thought.

      Oh, and 2 avocado pits per day is less than 200 avocado pits over the 89-day trial period.

      By the way, I am interested in purchasing one of your machines as a direct result of Chad’s blog. Could you please tell me where to get one?

  2. Mike Cormack says:

    James told me there is a software fix for this. Did you talk to the manufacturer about that?

  3. Anonymous says:

    What!? Oh no! i’m surprised it would’ve turned to concrete so quickly or so solidly. Maybe it needs to be emptied more frequently? hope the next one goes better for you…amazing pic – can’t believe it sheared right off.

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