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Bag to Earth in my Composter

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I picked up this compostable food scraps bag called “Bag to Earth” last week made of a kraft paper exterior and cellulose “water retaining” interior.

Bag to Earth

Compostable Paper and Cellulose Bag

I put wet food scraps in it for 5 days until it was full. Then I took it and put it directly in my in-vessel composter. It has been a few days and there are still traces of it, but I think it will soon be totally composted. Why am I doing this test when I could just scrape my plate into the unit? Imagine putting a larger in-vessel composting unit in the bottom of your condo, then distributing these bags to all the residents for inside their suites.
Inside Bag to Earth

Inside the Bag to Earth

You put your food scraps into it and every 3 to 5 days, when you are already going down to your car, or recycling room, you throw the whole bag of food scraps into the composter. No plastic bags to remove, and no taking a plastic bin back upstairs or washing – the ultimate in composting convenience for condos and apartments.
Bag to Earth inside composter

Prepare to be Composted