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Earls Doggy Bag…Composted

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Earls Take-out

Earls Compostable Take-out Container

My wife went to earls and as usual could not finish her Hunan Kung Pao. She got a doggy-bag, which would be more aptly named a boyfriend-bag, which happens to be compostable. So, naturally it begged to be tested. I tore it up and threw it in. I looked for it 3 days later and found a some remnants – a week later it was nowhere to be found. Earls is also source separating their kitchen food scraps at a bunch of locations in the lower mainland and having them sent to an off-site composting facility which is great – most restaurants just chuck food waste in the garbage (and by most I mean 95%).

I am thinking of copying the Blendtec blender infomercials and calling this blog post “Will it Compost”. People can send me thier iPad’s and cell phones and I will see if they will compost…


Will it Blend?


gDiaper Gone

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yep, the composter ate the compostable diaper. It took over a week – I can only find evidence of a few small shreds of the outer casing still kicking around. We are using cloth diapers in the day and the compostable ones at night. I am going to start to put a couple a day into the unit to see how it keeps up. Unfortunately the diaper mass to food scraps mass we produce at home is too high to possibly put all the compostable diapers in the unit. And yes, the gDiaper at day 3 looks like a cabbage….

gdiaper compost

gDiaper at Day 3

Diapers in my Composter

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

gdiaper composterYes, that is right people. I am testing compostable diapers in this high-temperature home composter along with the food scraps. We just had our first baby (a boy) 9 days ago and are trying out a variety of diaper options – one being compostable gDiapers.
Since the composter maintains a temperature of 65C-70C for at least 2 hours, any potential harmful pathogens should be killed, but I am only going to put wet diapers in there to be safe. However, I suspect this smaller composter will not be able to keep up with the sheer number of diapers this little guy is producing (about 10 a day) as they must be too dry. I am going to start with one and see how long it takes to disappear and then ramp it up from there. This should be interesting.