gDiaper Gone

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yep, the composter ate the compostable diaper. It took over a week – I can only find evidence of a few small shreds of the outer casing still kicking around. We are using cloth diapers in the day and the compostable ones at night. I am going to start to put a couple a day into the unit to see how it keeps up. Unfortunately the diaper mass to food scraps mass we produce at home is too high to possibly put all the compostable diapers in the unit. And yes, the gDiaper at day 3 looks like a cabbage….

gdiaper compost

gDiaper at Day 3

  1. Ruby says:

    Do you use vermicomposting?

    • chadcomeault says:

      I have vermicomposted on my balcony – before I started using this Accelerated High Temperature Composting unit. It was great (no energy use) but you can’t put eggs, meat, dairy, pasta, or bread into it (only veggies and fruit) so I still had some food scraps going into the landfill. The AHTC takes everything (except for corn husks, avocado pits and cooked bones).

  2. Rachael says:

    Ah, just saw this follow-up. We were hoping to compost g diaper inserts, but I am getting that we will have to pace this. Do you think that going with the compostable inserts 100% (over cloth) but only composting 3 wet only diapers/day and then “trashing” the others, is still a greener option than a cloth combo, where we would have to use bleach, water, energy, etc. to clean? I am finding it difficult to accurately evaluate this question. THANKS

    • chadcomeault says:

      My opinion is the cloth diapers are the “greenest” way to go. We do not use bleach – my wife makes her own baby specific detergent which is a mixture of borax (a naturally occuring salt), washing soda and Oxyclean (hydrogen peroxide). We wash in cold water (not in short suppy in BC, Canada), and energy in BC is almost all hydro power which is used to run the washing machine. On top of that we buy Bullfrog Power energy credits for the amount of energy we use in our condo which means our condo is really wind powered. If you dry the cloth diapers on the line there are 2 positive effects; one is no energy is consumed and two, the UV rays totally bleach the stains out of the white cloth diapers. It is actually amazing – you can watch the brown stain on the clean diaper disappear as the day goes on – I am going to try this for my white t-shirts….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very cool! That didn’t take as long as I thought!!

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