Earls Doggy Bag…Composted

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Earls Take-out

Earls Compostable Take-out Container

My wife went to earls and as usual could not finish her Hunan Kung Pao. She got a doggy-bag, which would be more aptly named a boyfriend-bag, which happens to be compostable. So, naturally it begged to be tested. I tore it up and threw it in. I looked for it 3 days later and found a some remnants – a week later it was nowhere to be found. Earls is also source separating their kitchen food scraps at a bunch of locations in the lower mainland and having them sent to an off-site composting facility which is great – most restaurants just chuck food waste in the garbage (and by most I mean 95%).

I am thinking of copying the Blendtec blender infomercials and calling this blog post “Will it Compost”. People can send me thier iPad’s and cell phones and I will see if they will compost…


Will it Blend?

  1. You can compost my Blackberry when I upgrade to the new iPhone, it’s practically compost to begin with, should only take a day or two to disappear completely.

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