1. Dimitri T says:

    Hi Chad,

    This is great additon to my new Cafe. Fantastic, thank you.

  2. Dimitri Thompson says:

    Hi Chad,
    You story inspired me to get one of those units. I am opening first 0% carbon footprint Cafe in CA and USA and probably in the world and this will be perfect for closing full circle. This is fantastic, thank you.

  3. Ryan & Raina says:

    Hey Chad,
    I love the idea of this composter. Are they setting up distribution in the US? Where can I get one? How can I invest? Think of how well my medium rare excess meats will do in that thing.

    Ryan (with help from Raina).

  4. Laurie says:

    Way to go Chad! Keep me posted – I’ll tell my worms they’re on notice, but I’m not gettting rid of them yet!

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